Sports Specific Training

Taking your game to the next level starts with training at the next level. Training methods have changed and so has the field of competition. Desire and commitment are no longer enough when it comes to gaining the winning edge.

Here we train smarter which results in the ability to play the position in the sport you love with greater explosive power, increased strength, better performance, and faster results.

We work with youthful athletes ages 12 to 18 years old as well as recreational athletes who are passionate about the sports they play.


Youth Sports Specific Training Specialties

  • Football          
  • Wrestling
  • Basketball      
  • Field Hockey
  • Track              
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball        
  • Soccer

Rec Sports Specific Training Specialties

  • Golf                 
  • Tennis
  • Raquetball       
  • Mini-Marathons

The Game Plan

We work with most of our athletes one on one to ensure that they get the dedicated time and attention that they need and deserve. This allows our expert staff to concentrate on training the athlete far beyond the game... We train them according to the demands of the exact position they play.

Heads up coaches, directors, booster clubs...
Be the first to take your whole entire team to a level far above the field of competition. Think your team has that something special to go all the way... Get them training like champions by joining our "Mean~Joe Mini-Sports Training Camp"

By appointment only we also accept reservations for our Fit 4 Test workshop. Athletes are tested and evaluated for flexibility, core stability, strength and overall technique. Featured demonstrations include live examples that produce instant results.

This Is Why We Win...
=> Dedicated time and attention
=> Expert hands on skill training
=> Sports Specific Training
=> Position Specific Training
=> Personal Performance Training

We aim to build up our athletes in all of the key components of accelerated sports performance by training them with smart, sound well designed exercise programs that bring out their personal best when it counts most... Game time!

Gone are the days where a trainer screams empty incentives pushing beyond reason without logic only to get only half the results. You're much better than that and so are we. Come join our team today!

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